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SEARCH PARTY is a survival horror game inspired by the cat/mouse gameplay of Clock Tower, and the resource management of classic Resident Evil.


Claire's 8-year-old brother, Daniel, is missing. While looking for him during a search party, she finds herself completely lost and alone in the woods. She eventually spots a strange house in the distance... could Daniel be inside?

  • Search for tools and weapons to defend yourself as you sink deeper into a hopeless nightmare of despair.
  • Move carefully through the house. He's hiding and waiting for you.
  • Enjoy beautiful SNES style graphics that extend beyond the limitations of the 90s
  • Prepare to be shocked and sicken by this morbid true crime slasher tale.

What's New in the Director's Cut?

  • 2 new (secret) endings. A total of 5 endings to discover.
  • A new area to explore, which expands on an existing ending for the original game.
  • Unlockable costumes and items, for post-game completionists.
  • Some re-done art assets, and additional environmental detail / interaction.
  • Lots of other tiny tweaks and additions that make this a more complete version over the original.

Even if you've already played the original, there's still plenty of reasons to rejoin the SEARCH PARTY!


Get this game and 5 more for $18.95 USD
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fun little romp

cool game


This is such an underrated game!! The scares are super intense and the feel is on edge. There are many things to do, and a lot of reasons to comeback and play it multiple times! I hope someday a sequel is made...



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Didn't pull out any punch in this one. I thought the game was like you have a soft beginning but oh boy... I loved it. Keep up the good work.

I have my gameplay in this video:


How Can u play the game!!! If ur hiding the entire time. So depressing watching u play

I couldn't agree more to that. But what can I say the game was really scary for me and I am easily spooked. But thanks for the reply. I'm trying to train myself to handle the scaredycat tendecies


Well this was every bit as brutal as I was expecting, and then some!! I only got a few of the endings this time round but I will definitely revisit this and see what else the house has in store for me!

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So glad you made this definitive release, this game is damn creepy and deserves to be seen, everyone should wishlist this on steam as well

No Commentary - 3/5 Endings - True Ending Finale


Really enjoyed this prologue, man. The game is so polished now and it really takes me back to the 16-bit era, but with disturbing atmosphere lol. Good job!