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This game looks so great, but I only have a Mac. I hope one day you can release a Mac version so that all users can enjoy or that I buy a computer, whichever comes first xD

I love this game man, Keep up the good work, part of the vid should come out monday!

W Game Cant Wait To Finish It

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Love Night at the Gates of Hell, probably my favorite thing they've developed (that I'm not in *cough cough* Ding Dong Dead and Sniper Killer lol). Even bought it again on PS5 when it rereleased!

Thought this was a GREAT game. One of my favorite Puppet Combo games. Please check out my video if you get a chance :)

LOVED THE SNIPER KILLER DEMO!!!! There were so many easter eggs and connections with both Blood Wash and Nights At The Living gates Of Hell Cannot see The full release !!!!

This game is hilarious! Love this game!

A very good humorous horror game and a touch of nostalgia from the developers "Black Eyed Priest and Henry Hoare".

His scares are unexpected, so if you like games that take you by surprise, this game would be for you.

Its gameplay is simple.

His comedy is very bizarre and funny.

Would it be worth buying this game? In my opinion I would highly recommend this game if you like gore, jump scares, dark humor and those based on Playstation 1 games. You could complete this game in 2 hours.

RATING: 9.5/10

Thank you for taking my time to read my review, I hope it has served you. Bye!

So sorry to bother you but I bought this game in the sale bundle a few days ago and the steam keys for this game and another game (Christmas Massacre) arent available! Any idea of when they will be? tysm for your time

Amazing. Here it goes. Forgive me my huge long play:

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So this a crazy, cult worshipping, turn into zombies, and I gotta shoot my way outta type of game. Yep this my type of game. 

Yeah, Nea Lea. I thought it as well. Cool playthrough. I felt difficult on stop and shoot. It would be better if we could walk and shoot either. I was paste my video here and stop to watch your gameplay. Neat gameplay. I also liked your The Glass Staircase. Forgive me my bad broken english. I'll subscribe in your channel. I appreciate your content. Greeting from Brazil, Nea! :D

Thanks for watching I sub to you as well. I like your content on YouTube.

Thanks, nice to meet you. You are very kind, @nealea!

This game was awesome! This game will never die.



Loving it so far

This Horror Game is NOT For Kids😂[Night At The Gates Of Hell]

The ending was not what I was expecting, very good story cant wait for more :)

This game was phenomenal, hit all the references and beats perfectly, fantastic experience, first 90 minutes are TERRIFYING

Very good game,wached CoryxKenshin play it soo I decieded to play it too and alsoo record it, had so much fun playing it and making the vid, I hope u like it!! :)

This might be my favorite black eyed priest game yet! The pacing is amazing, and the way dying works really makes it feel like a movie. Loved this.

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this game is hilarious!lol five stars.

This game's prety damn good. I like how different each level is. I gotta say though, the gun is awful. This game really needs a crosshair. Besides that though, I'm really.enjoying it. I'm becoming a bigger fan of Jordan King with every game he makes. Thanks for the fun!

You guys are WILD for this one! LMAO

(part 2 - Ending) The ending was a bit abrupt. but besides that game of the year

Game of the year!.No cap I wouldn't lie to you

i like the ending great job on the game

wonderful game, enjoyed the gameplay and puzzles.

great, altough i tought deadly night was bette

if u havent got it get it its a good game

Gotta be my new favorite from Torture Star. Such a blast to play!

 i love it

this game is so good 


This game was absolutely incredible! Definitely one of a kind! Played the whole thing! The amount of horror mixed with comedy blended so well in this game! I wish the ending was a bit stronger, but it did leave me wanting some more!! Great Job guys!!!

loving night at the gates of hell. fun characters and loving the ragdoll in the game.highly recommended checking the game out.

Man this is so great!! I thoroughly enjoyed Bloodwash, but there's so much more gameplay here and the story is even more engaging. Love Stan's appearance! The whole aesthetic is wild and makes it even more fun. Absolutely incredible job!

Finally! This is an amazing survival horror game. It's refreshing to play a game where your choices and skill in gameplay actually matters again. Every single bullet counts and that's the way survival horror should be!

I've always been the type of guy to save every bullet so this is my kind of game. It totally flies off the rails by the end but I honestly really appreciate the apartment level more than any other. Just you, your guns, your wits, and your problem-solving skills. Hell yeah. 

There was a big bug in the janitor office that caused my game to hang up and have to restart the entire area but I think it's already been fixed and I'm willing to forgive that because I played it the second it came out.

Definitely better than Bloodwash and probably my favorite game published by the awesome folks over at Puppet Combo. 

Thanks for making games!