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The Plot Twist In This Game Is Insane Ngl

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i payed $9 for this! the screen goes black after the hallway fire and stays like that!

When Cory played this game man I died laughing. This is a really great game! The nudity level isnt high but i would still recommend to bleep out cuss words or parts that talk about nude or something like that

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Saw Cory Play it, Awesome game torture star video,  keep it up!


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I suck at gaming but still had fun

I was genuinely in love with the demo and this game is honestly just amazing makes you focus and tense up with fear and excitement, def should buy this it is great!

I want to express my gratitude for the game. Like many, I was anticipating the release, becoming ecstatic that it was to do so under Torture Star Video, and soon. I started playing within an hour of it becoming available on Steam, having beat it countless times since. You did great, man!

This game was hard, but ultimately SUPER rewarding. Plus those insane story beats at the end were truly shocking. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Incredible final product, and HUGE shouts to you for getting a full game out, and not leaving it just a demo. Highly recommend, just be ready for a SERIOUS scare.

One of the hardest games I've ever played

Got back from deployment and Uploaded my first Puppet Combo Gameplay!

awesome game!

fun as game 10/10

Great game

There were like a few points where the killers Ai detected me in really strange places which was a bit frustrating. However this was still an incredibly solid experience! Can’t wait for the next. 


i love the game great job on it

i like the game if u havent play the game u should

(FULL GAME) I didn't like the WHOLE game being dark, but beside that it was really scary

That ending was unexpected... I completely messed up 😭

This was an experience!! The next day i wanted to hop onto it and play through again!!



Damn that story is raw, the hype was worth it, great stuff

Full Playthrough All Chapters No Commentary BAD Ending


Best Slasher PSX Horror Game You Will Play All Year


This game is amazing I haven't finished it yet but so far it's great!

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We've just discover this game, we're playing and loving it, so much fun! We're just getting started but no one can stop us now. It's a great slasher, hope it will continuo this way. Can't wait for more great games as this!

Have fun with us!

Arrancamos a jugar e hicimos nuestro propio gameplay. Lo estamos disfrutando muchísimo, divertido, con giros inesperados. Es un lujo poder jugar este slasher, ojalá sigan saliendo otros de este nivel, estamos ansiosos por poder jugar otros títulos!

Acompañennos en esta pesadilla...

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The lead up to the farm house was GOLD, great storytelling. I believe that's where you excel, you did great storytelling in bloodwash. I enjoyed all chapters of this game (except the house dragged on).

Enjoy the vid! 


This game tries some interesting stuff. I think the Granny bit of running up and down a building to solve weird puzzles is cool but it is padded out a bit too much. I also think the coin thing is lame. No spoilers but really? I couldn't just use the knife? C'mon.

Anyway, it's still fun just a bit frustrating. It sucks about the censorship thing though. Who the heck finds characters with countable polygons sexually attractive enough to warrant censoring this game? Wack.

Thanks for making games!


Fantastic game - Bloodwash influence noted as well as a more traditional Puppet Combo-esque style of game, the hiding and sneaking in the house drove me crazy, it kept me so on edge that after some jumpscares from the murderer I genuinely felt lightheaded. Still need to go back and get all the good endings but had a fucking sick time so far, great job!

Total nightmare.

Love it.

i highly recommend its a must buy. do you dare and try to survive the deadly night 


Maybe my favorite Puppet Combo/Torture Star Game yet